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Fic Archive Post

Since site signatures and profiles offer limited space for links and summaries, I thought I'd create a list at the top of the LJ that I can update when fics are posted.

I'm a complete review junkie, so most of these stories have been posted in more than one place, and indeed some of them appear in many different archives -- a list of which stories appear in which archives is given at the foot of the page. All of them however are posted to my fic journal.

They tend to be gen with or without a secondary shippy plot, although about a quarter are basically shipfic. Quite a number are challenge stories of one kind or another, although in many cases those are ones that I had in mind anyway and just adapted slightly for the challenge. :) The most common rating is PG-13, although there are a few that are R/NC-17.

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Five Moments that Allude to Dumbledore's Relationship with Grindelwald

Hm, I never did get around to that "17 posts in '17" thing, so this is the first of the year ... Oh well. Anyway, I happened to see a link to this post on MuggleNet and thought it was well worth highlighting:

Five Moments that Allude to Dumbledore's Relationship with Grindelwald

Two of those are from PS/SS, two from OotP, and one from CoS. Not entirely sure all of them were meant to be a reference to Grindelwald, but they fit and could very well be, and if you're like me, will probably give you some facepalm-y "of course" moments (especially number 5).
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WTF, America?

... look, when we said we wanted you to elect Trump so Brexit!UK would no longer be thought of as the stupidest, most xenophobic nation around, it was a joke.

There are various scenarios around in which Trump being full of shit means it's not as bad as it could be, but they involve him not actually doing anything of importance -- either because he treats the job as a gigantic ego-wank and lets his subordinates do all the actual governing, or because he does something which gives the Republican party the excuse to apply a swift impeachment backstab and install Pence (although it would have to be something spectacularly bad for them to brave the wroth of their base and do that).

And of course even in those best case scenarios, the Republicans still have a triple lock giving them a free hand to do what they want as far as policy goes. I assume it's going to be goodbye Obamacare, hello all sorts of ghastly ideas. Sucks to be American either way, but as for the rest of the world's point of view -- you voted for that, you deal with it, just don't start a fucking nuclear war.

Of course, it offers a yoooge boost to right-wing triumphalism world wide, so the next round of elections in Europe are going to be fun too (if you enjoy seeing just how fucked up things can get). The quote that struck me was from Marine Le Pen’s "most senior strategist, Florian Philippot", who tweeted: "Their world is collapsing. Ours is being built." He might as well have added "Tomorrow belongs to us!", just to get the full vibe.

It's easy to draw comparisons with the 1930s. The problem with that is that it feels like an overreaction, and probably -- hopefully -- is, but presumably in the 1930s it was an overreaction too right up to the point at which it wasn't, and it's hard to tell the difference without the benefit of hindsight. However, if you're looking for analogies ... well, after Brexit, I tried to think of some other case in which a nation had deliberately chosen long-term self-harm for really dumb reasons, but the best I could think of was the cattle-killing movement in the 1850s Cape. As for this ... well, how about the same part of the world a century later, the 1948 South African general election which has a number of wince-inducing parallels? That one worked out well, didn't it?

The older I get, the more I feel like "people are shits" acts as a necessary and sufficient explanation for many things.

My sympathies for my flisters in the US, most of whom I assume had sense enough to vote Clinton.
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The Belated Christmas Card Post

As always, late off the mark, but hey ... if you'd like a card from me, please comment here with your address etc. In the way of these things it may end up being a "holidays" card depending on the post, but that probably isn't a surprise. :)

Comments screened, but feel free to PM instead if you prefer.
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I just received a spammish email via pointing me to a German fanfic site (in English) called Inkitt, and inviting me to submit a fic (NTLJ as it happens) to some sort of contest they're running:

Anyone know anything about them? Is this legit or are we looking at the latest Fandom Kerfuffle? The site looks like it might be run on a commercial or at least semi-commercial basis, and I get suspicious about what agenda there might be with this sort of thing!

(Also -- blimey, it's been a long time since I posted anything here.)
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ASOIAF Notes and Theories

These notes have been sitting on my hard drive for ages, but this recent post on Reddit from someone who inspected the original manuscript of A Dance with Dragons, and which seemed to support one of my pet theories (or at any rate nix a popular alternative), reminded me of it. So here are some comments about various mysterious identities and so on in the series -- I dare say most or all have been brought up elsewhere before now, but I only occasionally go looking for ASOIAF meta. Spoilers abound, comments invited!

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One for the cat lovers

At the moment, there's some sort of new construction taking place on Victoria Street opposite the tube exit from Victoria Station, which is hidden behind a sort of hoarding arrangement. As you get to the top of the stairs and come out onto ground level, you are confronted with a giant arty piece of a brooding feline, thus:

OK, the text isn't there, but it seemed appropriate. :)