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By Registered Owl Post

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Hi there. I'm Maurice (since you're here, you may well already know that) -- aka SnorkackCatcher on various Harry Potter sites. My main reason for setting up this livejournal in June 2005 was merely to allow me to make signed comments on the postings at other Harry Potter-related livejournals. But this blogging thing turned out to be rather addictive, and so I started making regular posts of my own -- largely on matters Potterverse and more recently Whoniverse and ASOIAFverse, but also music quizzes and occasional posts on politics, philately, or anything else that springs to mind. I don't post all that often nowadays, mind you. The content is generally 'work-safe', but please note that it may sometimes include swearing or discussion of 'adult topics' without warning if occasion arises.

'Friending policy' -- um, go right ahead. I'll probably friend back when I realise, unless it's obviously only a 'watcher' journal.

Oh yes, concerning fanfic -- here's my fic archive journal (largely HP and mostly oneshots, albeit with a fairly broad range of subjects and characters).